Concerning the attempt in Texas to create “birthright citizenship“:

In recent years, however, some who want to clamp down on illegal immigration have seized on the 14th Amendment, saying it was never intended to grant citizenship to children of illegal immigrants.

Contending that birthright citizenship encourages illegal immigration, some critics have dubbed the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants “anchor babies” because they can sponsor their parents for legal permanent residency when they turn 21.

“That’s the reward they get for violating our laws,” Berman said. “That’s got to stop.”

Let’s get this straight: illegal immigration is a modern concept, designed to prevent unwanted types from coming to this country. Before 1900, when someone said that a citizen was anyone born in the country, they meant it! Jus solis is an extension of Stadtluft macht frei, the notion that if you can thrive in the environment of the city for a given period of time, you have earned citizenship.

[HT: Kevin Johnson]