I wouldn’t be the first one to note that illegal immigrants are being unfairly associated with terrorists, especially as those who support “border security” seems to target immigrants more than terrorists themselves, but here is a little proof: Texas law enforcement using anti-terrorist funds to nab the undocumented.

The reports show Operation Linebacker, the program one state security official called the “cornerstone” of Texas border safety efforts, caught suspected undocumented immigrants seven times more often than it apprehended criminals. Gov. Rick Perry and border sheriffs insist state border security operations are used to deter crime and terrorism, not to enforce federal immigration laws. Yet, the reports do not show even one terrorism-related arrest in six months.An El Paso Times analysis of reports from state border security operations shows that border sheriffs are using federal dollars meant to fight drugs and violent crime to enforce federal immigration laws. [Emphasis mine]

I’m sure some smarmy individual will say, “illegals are breaking the law,” but it still means that 7/8 of those apprehended are not involved in the drug trade or any other illegal activity other than being in the US without permission.

Even the claim that “you cannot, in many cases, conduct your own normal law enforcement duties without coming in contact with undocumented immigrants” should be treated with suspect. Good policing would target specific crimes and criminals; even if law enforcement randomly used these federal funds, would the ratio of illegal immigrants to arrests be so high? I doubt it. They simply do not make up such a high proportion of the criminal population.

An interesting side effect of the misapplication of funds:

Priests have reported drop-offs in church attendance, as some parishioners fret to leave their homes and risk being stopped at a checkpoint, turned over to Border Patrol and separated from their families.

Without a little religion in their lives, will they really remain upright?