Back to Allentown, PA: The Morning Call calls out Mayor Barletta, noting that Pennsylvania has nowhere near the problem with illegal immigrants as other states.

The article [in State Legislatures] contained data about the extent of immigration — both legal and illegal — throughout the nation. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, Pennsylvania was one of the states with the largest growth in legal immigrants between 2000 and 2005. The state’s immigrant population increased nearly 47 percent in that period, from 364,000 to 534,000. In a state of 12.4 million, that means there’s one legal immigrant for every 23 Pennsylvanians. When it comes to illegal immigrants, according the Department of Homeland Security, Pennsylvania doesn’t even rank in the top 10 states which account for about 8 million of the estimated 11 million illegal aliens.

Obviously, the writer does not want to say that illegal immigrants are not found in Pennsylvania. The state, however, has a much smaller percentage of illegal immigrants; short-falls in resources cannot be attributed solely to them. It’s more likely that some border states, like New Mexico and Arizona, with much smaller populations would have more legitimate gripes. Moreover, if a smaller influx of new people causes such short-falls, what is wrong with Pennsylvania’s (and even Allentown’s) public services?