Is immigration an American phenomena? Illegal immigration? Immigrant backlash?

I’m interested in exploring the global dimensions of immigration and the hostility that it seems to have provoked. Both seem connected to globalization, both successes and failures. In all this I hope to promote the general dignity of immigrants, whether their journeys are sanctioned or clandestine, that they are participating in a movement of people that extends far back into human history.

Who am I? I am a graduate student in the social sciences, hopefully in the “last throes” of my dissertation. Part Jewish, I am also a Mexican America (often I pass as Caucasian) whose family never immigrated to this country (see New Mexico). I have been alarmed by the hostility that anti-immigration discourse has raised against a people whom America wanted. A Democrat, I am also fairly conservative.

I am also a blogger–indeed, I belong to one of the larger group blogs–and have established Rio Maginot to keep my anonymity. I want my political reflections to remain separate from my scholarship.

Thanks for reading. Any comments are appreciated.


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